20.06.2018 - 13:00

7th OCL-TP Workshop

On 7-8th October, the 7th International Workshop between the "Optical Communication Lab" and the Department "Technological Physics" took place under framework of long-term cooperation agreement between the Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Kassel.


10.04.2018 - 12:00


Monolithic cointegration of QD-based InP on SiN as a versatile platform for the demonstration of high performance and low cost PIC transmitters (MOICANA)


28.02.2016 - 16:54 article in the „Physik in unserer Zeit“

A recent open-access article by research partners from the BMBF Research Network project entitled "Sichere Kommunikation per Quantenrepeater" is published in "Physik in unserer Zeit", which reports on the current state and the main challenges in this field.



download of full text files is password protected (only internal access)

Journal Papers

Conference Contributions

  • A. Martin-Mínguez, H. Oridzola, J.M.G. Tijero, I. Esquivias, E.M. Pavelescu, J.P. Reithmaier, "Bipolar self-consistent optoelectronic model for Quantum Dot Lasers", Photonics West, San Francisco, USA (January 2010)
  • E.M. Pavelescu, C. Gilfert, J.P. Reithmaier, "High-power 1060-nm QD laser with improved T0 by tunneling injection", Photonics West, San Francisco, USA (January 2010)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "High performance lasers realised by advanced nanofabrication technologies", Nanophotonic Symposium at annual meeting of DPG & EPS, Regensburg, Germany (March 2010) (invited)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "High perfomance lasers realized by advanced nanofabrication technologies", International workshop: Exciting semiconductors On the occasion of 20 years anniversary Technische Physik, Julius--Maximilians Universität Würzburg, Germany (April 2010) (invited)
  • H. Koch, W. Kulisch, C. Popov, R. Merz, B. Merz, J.P. Reithmaier"Plasma amination of ultrananocrystalline diamond/amorphous carbon composite films for the attachment of biomolecules", 4th International Conference on Nano Diamond and New Carbons (NDNC 2010), Suzhou, China (May 2010)
  • L. Ivanova, C. Popov, I. Kolev, B. Shivachev, J. Karadjov, M. Tarassov, W. Kulisch, J.P. Reithmaier, M.D. Apostolova, "Nanocrystalline diamond containing hydrogels and coatings for acceleration of osteogenesis", 4th International Conference on Nano Diamond and New Carbons (NDNC 2010), Suzhou, China (May 2010)
  • C. Gilfert, E.M. Pavelescu, J.P. Reithmaier, "Influence of arsenic species of InAs island formation on InAlGaAs/InP (001) surfaces", Quantum Dot Conference, Nottingham, UK (May, 2010)
  • W. Rudno-Rudziński, J. Andrzejewski, G. Sęc, M. Syperek, J. Misiewicz, E.M. Pavelescu, C. Gilfert and J.P. Reithmaier, "Tunnel injection structures based on InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots: optical properties and energy structure", Quantum Dot Conference, Nottingham, UK (May, 2010), J. Physics: Conf. Ser., vol. 245, 012047 (2010)
  • T.J. Pfau, A. Gushterov, J.P. Reithmaier, I. Gestier, G. Eisenstein, E. Linder, D. Gershoni, "Reduction of the photoluminescence linewidth of site-controlled InAs quantum dots by a double stack growth technique", Quantum Dot Conference, Nottingham, UK (May 2010)
  • C. Gilfert, E.M. Pavelescu, J.P. Reithmaier, "InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dots formed on InP(100) surfaces as new semiconductor material for future THz emmiters for biomedical sensing", Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors, Sozopol, Bulgaria (June 2010)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, Lectures on "Nanostructured semiconductor lasers for optical sensor applications", ASI Nato summer school on "Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors", Sozopol, Bulgaria (June 2010) (invited)
  • T.J. Pfau, A. Gushterov, J.P. Reithmaier, "Optimization of wet-chemical pre-pattering for site-controlled quantum dot growth", Int. Workshop on Epitaxial Semicond. on Patterned Substrates & Novel Index Surfaces (EPSP-NIS), Como, Italy (June, 2010)
  • A. Capua, U. Ben-Ami, G. Eisenstein, J.P. Reithmaier, "Multi-wavelength femtosecond pump-probe characterization of 1550 nm InAs/InP quantum dash optical amplifiers", submitted to Conf. on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), San Jose, USA (June 2010)
  • C. Gilfert, M. Yacob, E.M. Pavelescu, J.P. Reithmaier, "Arsenic induced shape transition of InAs islands on InAlGaAs/InP (100) surfaces", Int. MBE Conf., Berlin, Germany (August 2010)
  • V. Zürbig, A. Gushterov, J.P. Reithmaier, "Emission from InAs quantum dots formed by droplet epitaxy at high temperature on GaAs substrate", Int. MBE Conf., Berlin, Germany (August 2010)
  • T. Al-Zoubi, J.P. Reithmaier, "Growth of III-V quantum dots on silicon substrates: Formation and Characterization", Int. MBE Conf., Berlin, Germany (August 2010)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, "Nanostructured semiconductor laser diodes for telecom and sensor applications", 2nd Int. Workshop on Nanotechnology Shanghai University - Kassel University, Kassel, Germany (September 2010) (invited)
  • H. Koch, W. Kulisch, C. Popov, R. Merz, W. Bock, M. Kopnarski, J.P. Reithmaier, "Surface analytical investigations of plasma animated UNCD films", Symposium on Vacuum Based Science and Technology, Kaiserslautern, Germany (September 2010)
  • J.P. Reithmaier, S. Afzal, G. Eisenstein, I. Montrosset, O. Parillaud, M. Krakowski, "Low-Cost High-Speed Lasers Based on Surface Defined Lateral Gratings", Int. Workshop on High Speed Semiconductor Lasers, Wroclaw, Poland (October 2010) (invited)
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