20.06.2018 - 13:00

7th OCL-TP Workshop

On 7-8th June, the 7th International Workshop between the "Optical Communication Lab" and the Department "Technological Physics" took place under framework of long-term cooperation agreement between the Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Kassel.


10.04.2018 - 12:00


Monolithic cointegration of QD-based InP on SiN as a versatile platform for the demonstration of high performance and low cost PIC transmitters (MOICANA)


28.02.2016 - 16:54 article in the „Physik in unserer Zeit“

A recent open-access article by research partners from the BMBF Research Network project entitled "Sichere Kommunikation per Quantenrepeater" is published in "Physik in unserer Zeit", which reports on the current state and the main challenges in this field.



download of full text files is password protected (only internal access)

Journal Papers

Conference Contributions

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